BBM can provide end-users with a variety of land platforms suitable for variety of mission profiles ranging from heavy transport, construction, drilling to armored variants designed for patrol and security operations, counter unexploded ordnance / mine / IED vehicles systems and combined security force operations.

BBM specializes on the available variety of US standard military and commercial items and often “Non-Standard” Soviet type hardware to deliver immediate on-hand or custom-tailored solutions.

Even working with legacy systems, BBM is capable to support unique maintenance and sustainment programs.

We work to deliver your requirement!

Military and Specialty Tactical Solutions

BBM has a long and established relationship to providing quality Bell helicopters to support customer programs.

BBM has provided helicopters in support of government military programs, training, and law enforcement support.



Armored Vehicles (APC)


Special Mission

Trucks and Transport

BBM can offer new and used aircraft platforms geared primarily towards military or commercial transport and support roles.

The aircraft are can be custom designed for rugged/remote applications in the areas not served by standard infrastructure and landing strips or VIP and Business platforms. The platforms are also fully configurable to answer the client’s needs and support limitations.

Military and Special Application

Armored Troop Carriers

Maintenance and Recovery

Engineering Equipment

Tactical Ambulances

Armored VIP and Special Mission Vehicles

Environmental and Fire Fighting Vehicles/Emergency Support

BBM and its network of partners can add provisions required by the client to perform required functions in any mission.

Custom quotes are available on a case basis.