BBM Inc. offers a variety of airborne platforms tailored for a variety of tasks – including jet and propeller-driven fixed wing aircraft for passenger, cargo and support missions, light and heavy utility helicopters and UAVs for long-duration persistence monitoring of critical infrastructure or area.

We also specialize in counter UAV technologies and support!

BBM is cooperating with world-leading aircraft manufacturers, parts distributors, service providers and system integrators to deliver a required product / custom solution to the end-user.

We work to deliver your requirement!

Fixed Wing

BBM can offer new and used aircraft platforms geared primarily towards military or commercial transport and support roles.

The aircraft are can be custom designed for rugged/remote applications in the areas not served by standard infrastructure and landing strips or VIP and Business platforms. The platforms are also fully configurable to answer the client’s needs and support limitations.

Military and Special Application


BBM has a long and established relationship to providing quality Bell helicopters to support customer programs.

BBM has provided helicopters in support of government military programs, training, and law enforcement support.

UAV and Counter UAV

BBM offers complete UAS solutions by providing ready systems that include launch mechanisms, real-time tracking and control, ground control stations, digital data streaming and analysis from the electric and alternating piston driven UAV systems which are easy to operate, affordable, recoverable and deployable over land and/or sea. The systems can be operated in any terrain and any weather conditions on a pre-programmed or command-driven track and can perform variety of persistence surveillance, reconnaissance, escort or support missions.

BBM also specializes in providing Counter -UAS solutions based on customer needs and expectations.

We consult to provide turn-key solutions to your UAV/UAS threat.

Spare Parts and Accessories

BBM Inc. has access to pre-configured spare parts lots required to sustain complex airborne operations in one, two and five year mission profiles through its network of OEM and replacement part components required to service Bell – Cessna – Textron – Boeing – Sikorsky – Rolls Royce – Pratt-Whitney products as well as Soviet / European platforms.

BBM Inc. is also capable of providing new, refurbished and used airplane and helicopter engines, critical parts and custom items.

BBM Inc. can offer customized mounts, wiring and provision elements for aircraft ranging from external stores mounts, defense mechanisms, fire control systems, sensor packages, life-support systems, complex landing systems and external components.