The U.S. military, UN, NATO, and other global support agencies rely on commercial contractors to provide non-combat support services to deployed forces and other agencies. Contractors must be capable of mobilizing thousands of personnel, support equipment, and supplies virtually anywhere in the world on very short notice.

Outsourcing of these services enables these organizations to focus on its core mission.

BBM can provide on-time, on-site and on-demand services to improve existing or build an entirely new footprint for operations anywhere.

The service aspect ranges from building and infrastructure, modernization, de-militarization, re-configuration to meet a specific purpose or address the pressing need for security, traffic type and volume and purpose.

We can carry out necessary site surveys/preparation (including environmental – life support – demining activities), repair, re-wiring and necessary civil engineering tasks to provide workshops, housing facilities and supporting elements.

BBM combined with BBM Environmental Solution serves as your key provider for your strategic solutions.