Spare Parts / Accessories

BBM Inc. has access to pre-configured spare parts lots required to sustain complex airborne operations in one, two and five year mission profiles through its network of OEM and replacement part components required to service Bell – Cessna – Textron – Boeing – Sikorsky – Rolls Royce – Pratt-Whitney products as well as Soviet / European platforms. BBM Inc. is also capable of providing new, refurbished and used airplane and helicopter engines, high-value parts and custom items.












BBM Inc. can offer customized mounts, wiring and provision elements for aircraft ranging from external stores mounts, defense mechanisms, sensor packages, life-support systems, complex landing systems and external components (e.g. bambi buckets, sprayers, winch systems). BBM and its network of partners are able to add provisions required by the client to perform required functions whether it is load delivery, observation or search-and-rescue.



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