Security Solutions

In the modern era it is becoming increasingly difficult to interpret and create a plan for handling security crisis. More and more groups seek a security force capable of ensure the safety of their personnel, or event which is where BBM can provide a custom tailored solution to fit your needs. We specialize in handling a variety of foreseen complications as well handling circumstances that might not have been predicted.

Our security solutions are the following:

Security profile analysis and soft-security implementation

Over and covert surveillance / Intelligence / Surveillance / Reconnaissance (ISR)

Real-time tracking

Situational awareness and conspicuity reduction

Closed Circuit Monitoring and Facilities Monitoring

VIP Transport and Security

Logistics and Transport security


Maritime security

Forward-operating base security

Law Enforcement Assistance and Non-lethal Methods

Conflict mediation and Civil Affairs


Integration Solutions

Integrating variety of systems so they work flawlessly and in unison is an ever-escalating challenge as new systems come on line and legacy systems are updated. We specialize in finding the optimal configuration for horizontal system integration in ground, airborne and “soft” environments (electronic systems, data, communications). We offer a variety of custom-tailored system solutions. If you are interested in working with us please visit the contact page.

The Following Solutions are Available:

Observation and reconnaissance aircraft equipped with long-range imagery and signal acquisition devices, shielded and secure communications and long-duration persistence surveillance operations

Search and Rescue Aircraft designed for operation in variety of challenging environments with necessary extraction and life support systems air ambulances for quick medical evacuations with necessary life support systems

Law Enforcement packages Up-armored “soft” vehicles or modified Armored Carriers for evacuation, supply transport and/or humanitarian operations Automated target detection and change-detection monitoring Secure and encrypted communications

The Single Engine SAMA aircraft has a low heat signature making it the perfect option for providing surveillance during wild-life conservation and maritime security purposes. Click on the image to find out more.

Each Helicopter can be outfitted with a variety of load out packages. For instance, this one has the search and rescue feature enabling a quicker and safer way to rescue people from hazardous situations.

The VAB APC is used by humanitarian forces around the world and is ideal for reaching remote regions of the world. The Armor plating can withstand significant damage without damaging the integrity of the vehicle.




Analysis Solutions

We specialize in drawing actionable intelligence information from a variety of sources to create a complete 4-dimensional operation envelope that takes into consideration what-if scenarios and lessons-learned from analogous situations elsewhere.

Our team is trained in using a variety of imagery, detection profiles and signatures, open-source data, proprietary information and variety of automated algorithms supplemented with real-time data obtained from any of our platforms (e.g. UAV, camera, UGS) to keep an up-to-date spatial and temporal awareness of the target or tasked region. We can delineate problematic areas, perform adjacency analyses, security analysis and mission profiles as well as real-time target and asset tracking in support of ongoing operations.

Once this information is found, we can apply it in in realtime making necessary changes to protect your assets in various regions. For instance, a cargo ship can have security analysis performed to find out where its weak points are when dealing with pirates around the world. Once the information is found, the process of converting the cargo ship into a safer vessel can begin as seen below.

Upon further review of the information, the clear path poachers are using is determined, and a list of suitable option will be provided.

After assessing the surveillance photo, we can provide information about what is happening on the ground such as the clear path the smugglers are taking.

After performing a risk analysis, various applications can be installed to secure the vessel from nefarious characters. This process can be performed with any item.



Without a solid infrastructure, a region is bound to fail which is where BBM solutions comes into play. We offer a variety of solutions to handle any type of project to maintain or grow the infrastructure of your lands. For more information, contact us today and we will have hand-tailored solutions for you.





Aviation Solutions


Being able to respond to crisis in a timely manor is needed in todays world, which is where air equipment is ideal. At BBM we offer a variety of solutions to problems involving your air equipment such as fixed wing, rotary, and U.A.V equipment. Our affordable options can help your personnel respond quicker during natural disasters while providing an added sense of security knowing that your personnel will not only perform admirably, but they will do so in the most effective way possible. By working with us, we can ensure that your needs will be solved no matter what they might be. For instance, wild-life conservation techniques are much needed when defending natural resources from the grips of poachers, and BBM has a plan designed to handle your every need using various air components such as a U.A.V or drone. Every scenario requires a unique response which is where BBM can help you.

Search and rescue operations can be problematic; however, BBM can help by creating a plan geared towards your specific needs enabling a quicker response and a more effective way of handling the problem by coordinator your aerial vehicles.

While following poachers during wild-life conservation operations, having an eye in the sky always watching is more beneficial than running directly into the problem. BBM can provide the necessary tools, and a plan perfect at handling your unique problem.

Moving personnel into hard to reach locations can be critical which is why BBM can provide a solution to handle that exact problem with the most efficiency possible.




Ground Solutions

Coordinating your ground and air forces can be a trying time, and when an emergency situation occurs it pays to have a plan ahead of time. BBM can provide a detailed solution on how to work with your ground forces during emergency situations such as the best way to maneuver them across the land dealing with a logistical nightmare. Our options are designed to accomplish your goals no matter what the issue. If your goal is to increase wild-life conservation efforts, we have a plan for you, or for that matter, we can help provide a plan for humanitarian crisis like a natural disaster. If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us.



Not every road is paved requiring a plan to move personnel from point A to Point B, or while tracking poachers in remote areas. BBM can assist in this process by generating a plan ideal at moving your personnel from point A to point B.

During humanitarian aid missions, dealing with a convoy can be nightmare which is where BBM can provide critical aid. We can help ensure the safety of your personnel as they travel and guarantee they arrive to the epicenter of the crisis.

The VAB APC is used by humanitarian forces around the world and is ideal for reaching remote regions of the world. The Armor plating can withstand significant damage without damaging the integrity of the vehicle.

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