BBM Specializes in the procurement, contract-manufacture and sales of defense materials and services including life-support equipment, vessels, non-standard systems for government and approved private entities. BBM delivers wide array of capabilities to complex opportunities












BBM Solutions offers services ranging from equipment sourcing and brokering, analysis, evaluation, logistics to security and systems integration. Most of these solutions run concurrently and are accomplished during different project execution phases, based on customer’s needs and input. Our clients choose us as a go-to-solution and one-stop provider in all project phases: initialization, execution and follow-up. We stay with the client from beginning to end and will continue to support attained goals even after the conclusion of the project when and where required.


  • Hardware sourcing
  • Mission-specific solution planning
  • Planning and logistics
  • Air and Sea transportation
  • Ground and Air systems integration
  • Forward base set-up and security
  • Imagery and intelligence analysis support
  • Threat analysis and security support
  • Infrastructure Engineering projects
  • Raw-material resource estimation and use in support of operations
  • Unexploded Ordnance Detection and Disposal
  • Facilities support and security



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