Land Solutions

BBM can provide end-users with a variety of land and sea platforms suitable for variety of mission profiles ranging from heavy transport, construction, drilling to armored variants designed for patrol and security operations, counter unexploded ordnance / mine / IED vehicles and systems and combined security force operations.

BBM relies on the available variety of indigenous, US and often legacy Chi-Com and Soviet hardware to deliver immediate on-hand or custom tailored solutions. Even in the logistic / support nightmare scenarios where the end-user is operating a mix of eastern / western / indigenous hardware, BBM is capable of delivering maintenance, overhaul and system upgrade to maximize the efficiency of systems on hand.


















BBM can delivery variety of heavy transport vessels in variety of cargo / tanker or personnel transport options. We can source, operate, support and upgrade both western and eastern truck platforms as required. Some of the options include long-accustomed mainstays such as US 2.5 and 4 ton trucks, Soviet Ural/Kamaz and European Unimog chassis vehicles.













BBM can offer variety of custom and factory armored sport-utility and personal vehicles, all-terrain armored vehicles and custom carriers able to respond to variety of encountered threats . The vehicles can be built-up customized on the available Ford, Mercedes, Dodge etc. chassis or by modifying existing vehicles (e.g. Landrover, Toyota, Ford). The level of protection can be scalable to respond to the level of threat ranging form small-arms fire to improvised explosive devices (IED).



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