BBM Inc. offer variety of airborne platforms tailored for variety of tasks – including jet and propeller-driven fixed wing aircraft for passenger, cargo and support missions, light and heavy utility helicopters and UAVs for long-duration persistence monitoring of critical infrastructure or area. BBM is cooperating with world-leading aircraft manufacturers, parts distributors, service providers and system integrators to deliver a required product / solution to the end-user.

Bell 407 GX / GXP / GT

BBM Inc. is proud to present a variety of new and used Bell 407-platform helicopters for a multitude of  applications and system functions ranging from transport, reconnaissance, support, infrastructure monitoring and MedEvac. BBM Inc. is the owner / operator of the Bell 407 GT variant designed to carry out complex support tasks and has delivered several 407 platforms to the customers in the Middle East.


Bell HUEY II – Bell 412 EP

Bell Huey II and twin engine Bell 412 EP present the ultimate work-horse helicopters that are mission and combat proven all over the world. BBM Inc. is proud to present customized solutions for upgraded Bell Huey II helicopters and, where requested Bell 412 EP platforms ranging from law enforcement, MedEvac solutions

















Boeing CH-47D

BBM Inc. is proud to present the ultimate in heavy-lift helicopters – an entirely refurbished and certified Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter. The Chinook is one of the heaviest lifting helicopters in the industry today with the ability for lifts up to 26,000 lbs.  In addition to military applications it’s ideal for power line construction, aerial firefighting, ski lift construction, and other major construction projects. The helicopter is equipped with two T55-GA-714A engines producing more than 5,000 horsepower each. Modern avionics include state-of-the-art GPS systems, aviation radios, and digital FM radios for air-to-ground communication. It is equipped with 3 cargo hooks for variable external load configurations ranging from infrastructure emplacement to aerial fire-fighting equipment.
















Sikorsky UH-60A/B

BBM Inc. is pleased to offer entirely refurbished Sikorsky UH-60 A and B variants of the famous Blackhawk helicopters. The helicopters are demilitarized and entirely refurbished with new components, wiring and instrument s and can be successfully fielded for Search-and-Rescue applications, MedEvac, transport and utility work.


















Soviet Helicopters

BBM Inc. can provide several variants of Soviet transport and support helicopters in refurbished or as-is airworthy conditions. The helicopters include Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, Ka-25, Mi-24. Our MRO facilities can service and adapt aircraft as required, perform necessary maintenance and inspection as well as personnel training.



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