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About us

BBM is a registered broker and exporter in good standing with the US Department of State ITAR sphere. The company also holds several US Department of Justice Federal Licenses including a Class 6 (manufacturer) and a Class 8 (importer) and a Class 11 (destructive devices) licenses. BBM management team comprises of senior military Officers and NCO’s with decade's worth Aviation, Technology and Special Operations Forces experience around the globe. BBM’s government business vertical is focused on selling defense products, services and solutions, to NATO Allies and ITAR approved foreign countries that are listed on the approved Federal Register, as maintained by the US Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.


Phone: 775 846 8377

Fax: 775 657 9127

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We provide services for such brands as

  • 111
  • 222
  • 333
  • 4444
  • 5555
  • 6666
  • 777

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